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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym - June 2018 Newsletter Vol. 41, No. 01

    June 2018 Newsletter Vol. 41, No. 01

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    *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* JuneNewsletter Vol. 41, No. 01 Current Promotions June Flash Sale - First 20 members receive Over40% savings
    / 12Month Adult Membership (Unlimited Classes within a Program of Choice) + FREE Wraps! $0 Additional Fees! 4 DISCIPLINES TO CHOOSE FROM SELF DEFENSE.MARTIAL ARTS. CARDIO. BALANCE. Take Your Training To a New Level Ages 13 and ....

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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym - Summer Student Special

    Summer Student Special

    Summer Student Special Get 3 months of unlimited training for $299 within a program of your choice. Must be 13 years of age or older. Valid Student ID required. New members only. ....

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  • May 2018 Newsletter Vol. 40, No. 01

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    *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* May 2018 Titan Gym Newsletter

    Vol. 40, No. 01
    Established in April 2015, Titan Gym was designed to be a new and innovative approach to martial arts, fitness, and self-defense. Our center is equipped with a team of instructors whose sole purpose is to provide you with the best tools you will need to stay safe and keep your loved ones protected. Not only will you learn life-saving skills, you will be taking part in one of the most intensive workouts available, helping you meet your own personal fitness goals along the way. Everyone with a busy schedule will appreciate ....

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  • Weekend Guide March 9-11 by Chicago Painted Red

    Chicago Painted Red mentions Titan Gym. Read the article below:
    " Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Growing up in a half Irish household, we celebrated our holiday just a little bit extra! I'm talking green eggs and ham for breakfast, my mom spending all day cooking corned beef and cabbage, and listening to Celtic Woman on repeat! If you haven't heard of the group, go get yourself a little soundtrack for the week. Anyway, it's not just me that starts celebrating early, the Irish Parades are happening this weekend too! So, in celebration of the Irish lifestyle, the Weekend Guide is packed with laughter, dancing... all washed down with a wee bit of beer! Women's Empowerment Self Defense Seminar ....

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  • Titan Gym March Newsletter Vol. 38, No. 01

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    *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* View this email in your browser Focus on Spring as a time of new beginnings and resolve to do something you've always wanted to do but never felt you had the time. Maybe it's time to begin taking care of yourself? It's far better to change the way you live, beginning now, instead of waiting for things to get out of control. A daily practice affords you a "time-out" from your everyday routine. This is a gift to yourself, a promise to honor who you are. Whether you are interested in a spiritual practicesuch as yoga, or releasing some steam with high-intensity cardio-busting workouts, we have the right ....

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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym -  Titan Gym February Newsletter Vol. 37, No. 01

    Titan Gym February Newsletter Vol. 37, No. 01

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    *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Titan Gym February Newsletter Vol. 37, No. 01 Titan Gym A center for Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Fitness, Boxing, and Yoga. Our Schedule Valentines Day is a great holiday to celebrate your appreciation and affection for the people you love in your life. For some of us hard core fitness enthusiasts, it might just be another day in America where we can pig out on chocolate and wine. For others, it might be a lonely night at the gym. Whatever the case may be, the successes you create in your personal relationships with those you love in your life can be ....

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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym - Cardio Kickboxing Workshop

    Cardio Kickboxing Workshop

    Titan Gym's Cardio Kickboxing Workshop is a group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout will challenge the beginner and elite athlete alike.Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout. Despite the name, cardio kickboxing is a noncontact workout. All punches and kicks are thrown into the air, onto pads, or heavy bags. It’s a high-energy workout that can burn between 350 and 450 calories an hour.Your elevated heart rate moves into in an intense zone in which cardiovascular conditioning takes place. Cardio kickboxing is a good ....

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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym - Mimosa Yoga Workshop

    Mimosa Yoga Workshop

    Enjoy a 1-hour exhilaratingyoga session,followed by a refreshing glass of mimosa. Mimosa Yoga on Valentines Day - Wednesay, February 14 at 7:00 PM. The Vinyasa Flow Yoga class will be led by Titan Gym’s very own Instructor Emi and will be 60 min in duration. Mimosas will be served upon class completion. Ticket includes the yoga class + one mimosa at $10 each. Tickets are non-refundable. Bring your yoga mat & water. 21 or older only. Buy your ticket here! ....

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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym - Fight2Fitness at Titan Gym - Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7 AM & 7 PM

    Fight2Fitness at Titan Gym - Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7 AM & 7 PM

    Fight2Fitness was designed to sculpt and tone your body.Whether your needs are image-focused, fitness-focused, or competition-focused, this is the class for you! In addition to the scientifically proven result of H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), Fight2Fitness combines weightlifting exercised to give your workout the edge it needed all along. Each class focuses on different muscle groups for a targeted workout. No two classes are alike, ensuring you don’t reach that plateau that is all too common in weightlifting workouts. Comprised of a custom mix of H.I.I.T., weight training, calisthenics, and boot camp conditioning, this class will get you in the best shape of your ....

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  •  in Chicago - Titan Gym - Benefits of Power Vinyasa Yoga - Every Thursday at 7 PM

    Benefits of Power Vinyasa Yoga - Every Thursday at 7 PM

    Blood pressure.
    A consistent yoga practice decreases blood pressure through better circulation and oxygenation of the body. Pulse rate.
    A slower pulse rate indicates that the heart is strong enough to pump more blood with fewer beats. Regularly practicing yoga provides a lower pulse rate. Circulation.
    Yoga improves blood circulation. By transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, yoga practice provides healthier organs, skin, and brain. Respiratory.
    Like the circulatory system, a lower respiratory rate indicates that the lungs are working more efficiently. Yoga decreases the respiratory rate through a combination of controlled breathing ....

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