Student Highlight - Kristen M.

I’m Kristen and I was a complete newbie to both martial arts and exercise before joining Titan Gym. After moving out on my own and facing increasing amounts of stress and anxiety, I was looking for a way to be more active that I would actually enjoy. I had taken a few cardio kickboxing classes before and was looking for something similar when I found reviews for Titan and decided to check it out (after heavily googling what Krav Maga really was).

I was nervous about going to a gym, being out of shape, and being completely inexperienced at any kind of martial art. But after stopping by and getting to chat with Ivo about my hesitations and concerns, I felt more comfortable than I ever thought I could be in a gym. And so I signed up after my first Krav Maga class.

I went from no exercise in my life (my lifestyle is more along the lines of having an in with the Firecakes donut truck and abusing that several times a week) to being able to do an actual real life push up! (Trust me, this is huge for my noodle arms).

Titan is full of amazing, kind, encouraging, and talented people. From the instructors to the fellow students, everyone wants to help you improve and kick ass in every way. The instructors make sure everyone is staying safe, having fun, and building knowledge in every class.

The lovely people at Titan have pushed me to do more than I previously dared. I feel happier, more powerful, and more confident after each class, proving to myself I really can do more. 💪🏼

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