February Employee Spotlight - Niko R.

I came to Titan Gym through the LGBTQ Seminar one year ago. Wanting to be able to defend myself should I come into a situation that requires it was very important to me. Living in the city life can be unpredictable for anyone. Being prepared for any situation is what keeps me coming back at Titan. 
I have been in the massage and holistic healthcare business for 5 years. I have found a fine balance between Sports and deep tissue massage and the use of Reiki along with other energy practices. I take a whole-body approach to treating injuries and general pain. I have worked with seasoned marathoners, body builders, dancers and a myriad of other athletes. While athletes make up the majority of my practice, I have many weekend warriors and office dwellers that I have helped to come to an improved state of wellness. I believe everyone can lead a life that includes less pain. The best way to book with me is at Lincoln Square Massage. (lincolnsquaremassage.com). Lincoln Square massage 1st time client discount is $10 Monday-Friday before 2pm.

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