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Whether you're looking for an active recovery, a break from your regular high-impact training, or a total-body strength building system, we've got you covered. 

Our Yoga Classes in Chicago span a wide range of practices and theories, giving you the chance to find what suits your needs best. Join us at Titan Gym today and take on the most comprehensive Yoga classes in town.

Our Yoga Classes In Chicago Are Second To None

Yoga is all about centering your body and your mind, helping you enjoy long-lasting physical success and much-need stress relief. Our Yoga Classes at Titan Gym cover nearly every practice of the discipline, helping you explore the many forms celebrated around the world.

Our Yoga Classes in Chicago include:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: A flowing, dynamic form of yoga, Vinyasa connects breathing and transitions to help you build strength, flexibility, and vitality. The goal is to enjoy a state of balance and stillness in your mind and walk away more refreshed than ever before. 

Bando Yoga: Also known as Burmese Yoga, Bando Yoga originated from Myanmar and is practiced with the intent of maintaining overall health, resisting illness, and restoring or recovering after illness or injury has occurred. There are three major systems of Bando, taught in a recurring pattern: Dhanda Yoga (focused on alignment of the skeletal system by use of the staff); Longi Yoga (focused on the development of flexibility and soft-tissue adjustment through the use of cloth or rope); and Letha Yoga (partner-assisted practice, focused on the improvement of circulation and joint stimulation). 

Power Vinyasa Yoga: An energetic form of yoga focused on power and fluid movements, this class is taught in a heated studio to provide you with a vigorous workout that is both revitalizing and beneficial to your overall fitness level. You can develop improved flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, mental stamina and more.

Yin Yoga: Learn how to sit longer and more comfortably by stretching your connective tissue around the joints while in meditation. A passive form of yoga, this practice involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3-5 minutes.

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At Titan Gym, we take the practice of Yoga seriously. Join us today and find the class that puts your mind at ease as you achieve an inner balance.

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