Krav Maga  near Chicago

Ashley N

Hi! I'm Ashley! 
I teach Yoga Sculpt at Titan Gym LIVE from Hawaii. I absolutely loved Titan Gym right when I stepped in the door. I knew this was a perfect fit. The staff has amazing, fun energy, the members are so welcoming to each other and we drive each other to stay mentally and physically strong. 
When I started practicing yoga, it was very challenging. I signed up for teacher training in 2012 to touch my toes, stand on my hands and learn everything I could about yoga. I didn't expect to quit my full time job and become a fitness instructor. When I began teaching it was the students that kept me going. Everyone arrives to their mat for a different reason-the support, inspiration and connection is what makes me love what I do everyday. 

Titan Gym's classes have pushed me to a new level as a student and teacher. I have noticed more definition in my body from the Fight2Fitness classes. The Boxing classes are an incredible workout and Krav Maga is empowering. Knowing self-defense, getting stronger each day, and balancing my mind and body in yoga is why I love Titan Gym. 

I look forward to welcoming you in my class.

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